Friday, April 30, 2010

How to accessorize B&W

That clutch! Those shoes! That smile...sigh... Plus she has legs that go for days and a very 'angelic Renaissance' name, which I'm not sharing sorry. Suffice to say she's a masterpiece.
...AND she's wearing Coco Liberace!! How beautiful is that neckpiece??
That's a masterpiece too.

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Front & Center

...but always outside the square. The sensational Lauren LaRouge

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What's all this hoop-la about then?

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Magician's Assistants

Their smiles are rather magical too.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Purrfect Patterns...

...and pretty in pink. A most delightful young woman who just looks at her wardrobe and says "this, this and this" and it all just works wonderfully.

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I gravitate towards those who are not afraid to make a bold statement. Neutrals are exactly that. Neither here nor there. Clashing patterns, bold colours, bodacious jewelry...I am Woman, hear me Roar.
...speaking of which...I've had a very feline street theme today...

Excuse the backdrop! We were in a department store and she was a bit shy about being photographed out in the open aisles!

Young Diva

This lovely young lady works at a very popular accessories store, the logo and the loaded arm should give that away! I liked her cattitude. The title is purrfect then yes? and I'm done with the puns.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


@ Rozelle.

These gorgeous women look like rockstars...leather pants, black mini skirt, animal print shoes, blood red shirt...grrr... one's a doctor.
Quite possibly the coolest Doctor I have seen. Motley Crue would love her!*

When was the last time your doctor rocked up in leatherpants huh? Oh I love contrasts! I love dichotomy!
Rockstars & doctors... black & white... tiger print & nautical stripe... studded bags & flowing hair and as regular readers of my personal blog know... I have a 'thing' for red & blue.

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*Motley Crue - for those too young or too innocent to know, an 80s heavy metal band who had a hit with their song "Dr Feelgood".


modern smArt

@ Rozelle

I don't know where this young woman was heading off to before I interrupted her [cliche alert] journey [no. it's okay] but I know she's going to get there [boom. clichedrop]... lame alerts aside, she has such focus in her eyes.

I love the crisp, clever composition of black, white and red. So Mondrian.

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Green Day...

@ Rozelle Markets

Vintage Flora

@ Rozelle Markets

This dress is divine. The necklace is divine. The colours on this woman are divine. Alas my photographs are not as divine and for that I apologise profusely.
...I'm still shy about asking people and then because I'm grateful and slightly nervous I don't direct nor position according to where the light is, etc. Me I have no problem bossing around!

Anyway, although I know many will disagree, I didn't dislike the way she 'merged' the necklace with the dress detail. The necklace has become part of the dress instead of a feature.
Far too many people are about "emphasize only one thing! Your eyes or your lips! Your breasts or your hips!", etc, etc... I say... restraint is too controlled. Real control is in the letting go...

Wow Kimosabe, that's deep.

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