Saturday, March 27, 2010

Coco Liberace a marriage of elegance and flamboyance... as befitting the brand name of course!
Coco Chanel and Liberace, one eternally elegant, the latter fabulously flamboyant and thanks to an audaciously passionate wife & husband team, forever the twain shall meet!

It was love at first sight for me (found CL at Glebe Markets) and for everyone else too! Coco Liberace is doing very very well. Definitely a name to to watch.
I wish I had taken better photos. The pieces are ahhhmazing! Amazonian with feminine details. Elegant with quirky features. Bright, bold and bodacious! And...the prices are unbelievably reasonable.
This is owner/designer John at Glebe, his co-owner/designer wife, Nicole, was at Fringe Markets that day, covering all bases and adorning limbs everywhere! Check their site for press, store locators, etc

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