Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coral Creations...

A lovely statuesque study in coral...

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White Stripes

...or are they red??

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Coco Liberace a marriage of elegance and flamboyance... as befitting the brand name of course!
Coco Chanel and Liberace, one eternally elegant, the latter fabulously flamboyant and thanks to an audaciously passionate wife & husband team, forever the twain shall meet!

It was love at first sight for me (found CL at Glebe Markets) and for everyone else too! Coco Liberace is doing very very well. Definitely a name to to watch.
I wish I had taken better photos. The pieces are ahhhmazing! Amazonian with feminine details. Elegant with quirky features. Bright, bold and bodacious! And...the prices are unbelievably reasonable.
This is owner/designer John at Glebe, his co-owner/designer wife, Nicole, was at Fringe Markets that day, covering all bases and adorning limbs everywhere! Check their site for press, store locators, etc

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Gaucho at Glebe

Look at that face.

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[click on image for large view]


Daughter's bracelet.

Lace bloomers

Okay, this may seem a rather simple ensemble to have attracted my eye but... this girl was so lovely! And the shorts...sigh!

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I liked how cool and fresh she looked although she had just finished work, it was a hot day and she was running errands.
...I'm a bit of a late bloomer... when it comes to asking people if I can photograph them! This girl had already skipped way past me when I decided to ask. I'm not shy, could never be accused of lacking confidence but this is a bit unnerving.

Friday, March 26, 2010

La Rouge

This is Lauren La Rouge. A burlesque performer and raconteur.
Amongst other things, she hosts 'A Velvet Affair', a monthly burlesque event and damn she's good! Smart, sassy, witty and sexy.
And a favourite with 'The Sartorialist'!

...actually, all the performers (Holly J'Adoll, Tasia, Lulu) were exceptional.
'A Velvet Affair' has recently moved velvet venues and has found a different calibre of performers. Exceptional, talented, suitably dramatic, coquettish, theatrical, sensual women, their beauty secondary to their performance... could have done without the token 'boylesque' though... burlesque is fun, funny, coy but not a joke.

© theSTREETzone 2010 I really have to get the hang of photographing strangers. I think this is a good shot, wasn't allowed to photograph the performers but I did photograph other guests...alas, my attempt at taking 'nonchalant', non posed photos resulted in non usable photos. :(

...that's annoying because I photographed a very cool man called David (partner of one of the performers). Half way through a conversation, turned out that we all knew each other! Big city, small world.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


....whilst sitting down. How could you not notice this woman? She looked stunning and vibrant!
A friend of a friend, she was a bit surprised when I asked her if I could take pics! I like how her [Coach] bag's pattern coordinated with the pattern of the [Zara?] dress.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Red shoes

The vintage tapestry bag came out to work.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Harmony Day...

I loved the colours -orange, yellow, lime embellished with silver- this tawny woman wore!
Forgot to ask her if she knew it was Harmony Day.
She looked like a gypsy queen but thought she looked plain...but she let me take her photo... my first 'stranger'! Nerve-racking!

© theSTREETzone 2010
This man didn't lack self-confidence! He invited me to take his photo!...and how could I resist? He was charming and full of character. That's what makes him stylish.

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Clash of the patterns

We were at our local markets (a hidden treasure!), daughter found this vintage tapestry bag. I love this electric blue on her.

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